in Granada

Learning the Spanish language goes hand in hand with learning about the Spanish culture. And the best way to learn about a culture is to experience it first-hand. That is why we like to take our students out and show the best the Spanish culture has to offer in Granada. During the activities you will also get to know other students, the school staff and teachers. Due to Granada’s geographical location, we are able to offer a wide range of excursions from skiing in the Sierra Nevada Mountains to sailing at the Tropical Coast.

Some activities during the week are offered for free, other require a small contribution from the attending students (transport, entrance fees, etc.). Weekend excursions are usually a bit more expensive.

Some examples of weekday activities are:

  • visit to monasteries
  • visit to the Granada cathedral
  • walking tour through the Arabic quarter (Albaycín)
  • tapas tour
  • Sevillanas dance classes
  • literature workshop
  • Spanish cinema workshop
  • etc.

At the weekend we might go for a day trip to las Alpujarras, the Costa Tropical, Seville, Córdoba, skiing in the Sierra Nevada or a weekend trip to Morocco.